Insurance As an Investment Strategy

The global insurance industry is one of the largest sectors of finance. It ranges from consumer to corporate and industrial insurance, and even reinsurance, or insurance of insurance. The major insurance markets of the world are obviously the US, Europe, Japan, and South Korea. Emerging markets are found throughout Asia, specifically in India and China, and are also in Latin America.

India insurance is a flourishing industry, with several national and international players competing and growing at rapid rates. Thanks to reforms and the easing of policy regulations, the Indian insurance sector been allowed to flourish, and as Indians become more familiar with different insurance products, this growth can only increase, with the period from 2010 - 2015 projected to be the 'Golden Age' for the Indian insurance industry.

Indian insurance companies offer a comprehensive range of insurance plans, a range that is growing as the economy matures and the wealth of the middle classes increases. The most common types include: term life policies, endowment policies, joint life policies, whole life policies, loan cover term assurance policies, unit-linked insurance plans, group insurance policies, pension plans, and annuities. General insurance plans are also available to cover motor insurance, home insurance,

The project aims at understanding the awareness of insurance as an investment strategy with special reference to HDFC Standard Life Insurance Company Limited (HDFC Life) insurance products. 

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