Online Trading

Online trading is the new concept in the stock market. In India, online trading is still at its infancy stage. Online trading has made it easy to trade in the stock market as now people can trade while sitting at their home. Now stock market is easily accessible by the people. There are some problems while doing the trade through the internet.

The current project aims to study the concepts and growth of online trading to analyze the online trading and its process. The project also attempts to give an in-depth knowledge about Securities, Derivatives: Future, Options, Capital market: Primary Market, Secondary Market, NSE and BSE.

The study covers Online Trading features in detail. The study attempts to study the advantages and disadvantages of online trading. The study collects most of the information from different secondary resources apart from primary information by discussing with different managers and customers who do online trading.

The study was carried out for a period of 45 days and due to paucity of time an in-depth study was not possible. Technology is dynamic in nature. Therefore this report may be relevant only till there are no changes in the technology. Secondary information may not be authentic.

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