Training & Development

Training is the process of increasing the knowledge and skills for doing a particular job. It is an organized procedure by which people learn knowledge and skill for a definite purpose. The purpose of training is basically to bridge the gap between job requirements and present competence of an employee. Training is aimed at improving the behavior and performance of a person. It is a never ending or a continuous process. Training is closely related with education and development but needs to be differentiated from these terms.

to know the employees awareness & level of satisfaction about the training program in the organization; to identify the factors inducing to increase skills of an employee; to know the areas of improving training program for employees and to provide suggestions to the management in improving Performance Appraisal System.

Training programme’s main objective is to improve the productivity of the company’s employees which in turn will improve the company’s profitability. Through training, the employees’ skill levels are upgraded which will make the employees more productive.

Training is also set up to help employees get used with new roles and responsibilities usually after promotion. When an employee gets promoted from one level to next level, the skills required to do his/her job changes and training are essential in equipping the employee with the new skills.

Training is also a way for the company to showcase to its employees that it cares for employees’ self development. This plays a big role in increasing the loyalty that an employee feels towards its organization Employees’ feedback on the training is essential to understand the effectiveness of training. Most times, employees better understand the kind of training that would help them. It is important to get employees’ opinion before the creation of new training.

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